Friday, November 4, 2011

Pretty sure i made the wrong decision...

Back in March, I had surgery on the pointer finger of my right hand, because I have trigger finger and I had opted for surgery rather than having a cortisone shot because a) the shot is not always able to fix it, and b) steroids do a number on blood sugar and I just didn't really want to deal with it. And surgery doesn't scare me and I got a day off work, and a little pity along the way. This is a WIN in my eyes.
So anyhow, surgery went fine, all healed up, finger works. Now the middle finger on my left hand is triggering, as well as getting numbness in both hands, that the orthopedic surgeon has chalked up to carpal tunnel. So I had an appointment this morning, fully prepared to say that I wanted surgery again...but walked out of there with a brace for both hands and a cortisone shot in my right hand and 2 in my left. And now this is where we stand...
Hahahaha. I really feel like laughing. I am laughing because I equate that little blank spot in the middle, where there was no graph line, as Dexcom basically giving me the middle finger and saying "F you, I'm out. Call me when you get this under control". But of course, like all technological manservants do, he came back.
I have taken a total of 10.95 units of insulin in the last 3 hours. By my calculations, this amount of insulin should make my bg approximately -164. Negative. But noooooo. That's not anywhere near negative, is it. I have also been running a 100% temp basal. But I'm pretty sure that needs upped too. Of course all this could potentially mean I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night somewhere near that -164 I talked about earlier. Let's hope not. But less than 336 would be peachy.
I am reading posts on the internet of people noticing bg changes for anywhere from 1 day to months, some never got it back down to the same. In which case, this girl will not be very happy.
I am also looking forward to the impending protein fest I'm going to have to have for my meals until this situation remedies itself. Scrambled eggs anyone? Chicken with a side of...chicken? String cheese for breakfast? Why the hell not.
So, I'm turning off Dex's high alarm and going to bed. No need in him screaming at me to take some insulin every 20 minutes when that is obviously not working.
PS bg now 327.


  1. Well THAT looks familiar! I'm working on a 200% basal right now because I'm on a round of Prednisone. I'm also trying to go easy on the carbs (breakfast was avocado & eggs...slightly nasty...Walmart shouldn't sell avocados in November). It's sort of maddening, the way we can't just go through other health issues like our non-diabetic friends can, isn't it?

  2. I think mine is going back to normal-ish. I can't even imagine taking a steroid for an extended period of time. I have gone through like triple the amount of strips in the past 3 days, checking and bolusing to keep it somewhat normal. I will never do this again. On the bright side, no hand pain and no trigger finger!